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Wooden propellers for sale

Have you ever dreamed of having a part of those magnificient flying machines at home?. .

..view the details of our current offer:


Spad 7

Nieuport 17

We like special orders!!

  • The above propellers are our standard offer. I chose the types according to the popularity of our customers.
  • However, completely new projects are very interesting for us. We are able to obtain data and original documents, create our own drawings and produce a wooden propeller for a static airplane or airworthy for a historic flying machine.

Four-blade R.E.8 propeller

Even though this was just a decrative prop, the target was to create a historicaly accurate reproduction. R.E.8 is a former British two-seat multi-purpose biplane from 1916. A patina is applied on the surface. The customer asked us if we could make the propeller look really old.

Levasseur propeller for static Nieuport 24

This was an urgent request from a Korean builder of Nieuport 24 for a local aviation museum. We have our own plans for this French propeller in full size – 254cm long. The prop was finished with patina and it was the first time we applied patina also on the brass sheathing. 

Grémont prop from Caproni Ca.33

We received a request for this propeller from a Slovak customer. His wish was to have a propeller from this airplane at home as a wall art and a commemoration of the last flight of the co-founder of the Czechoslovak Republic, M. R. Štefanik. It was a pleasure! 

Propellers for Wright Flyer 1906

It’s an authentic reproduction of the original wooden propellers from 1906. We made both left and right propellers from spruce, according to original French drawings.

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