Fokker DR.I


Reproduction of rudder from aircraft no. 425/17


Jasta 11, Manfred von Richthofen

A Czech customer ordered a rudder in airworthy condition and a piece of linen fabric with serial number from the last Fokker Triplane flown by German ace, Richthofen in March 1918.

I obtained a drawing and the production could begin. The frame is welded of 11353 thin-walled tubes and covered with linen fabric. The fabric is stitched on the ribs and doped. I used this opportunity to build two rudders, while the second one will stay in my shop, next to Anthony Fokker’s poster.

Rudder from Fokker DR.I no. 404/17

Jasta 2, Adolf von Tutschek

This rudder was shipped to the Netherlands in 2014. The customer asked me if I could make a reproduction that would look old, with weathering and patina.



Rudder from a French fighter aircraft no. 1059


Escadrille no.15, Paul Bergeron

It’s an old project from 2013 when I was beginning with the propeller production. A French customer asked me to create a reproduction of Bergeron’s rudder, with one side covered and the other revealed. The construction didn’t have to be airworthy, so you can see that some compromises were done. Now I would build the rudder the same way it was made in 1917.

Rudder from Sopwith Camel


A Czech company ordered a Sopwith Camel propeller and the complete rudder with their name painted on the stabilizator.



Various trophies that I made from 2011 until today. These are hand painted on a piece of linen fabric, on request from friends and customers.

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