Curtiss Jenny – Scimitar wooden propeller

It’s a copy of the original Paragon Maryland propeller manufactured in 1920 for this beautiful American training airplane.

Authentic material: walnut or oak
Length: 250cm / 98inch
Original manufacturer: Paragon Maryland, U.S.A.
Our production: Since 2015, measurements taken from the original prop

Total made in our shop:



Airworthy (various sizes)

Attractive scimitar propeller from a famous American trainer aircraft.

In 2015 I had a chance to personally touch the original Paragon Maryland propeller and take some measurements which would allow me to reproduce the prop. The wavy curves impressed me. The right term for this type of prop is “scimitar prop” as I found out. You may see these scimitar propellers on historic airplanes, but generally they are quite rare. That’s why I decided to draw my own plans and begin with the production. As the original prop came from Curtiss Jenny, I decided to dedicate it to this airplane on this website. It connects a beautiful propeller and a famous American two-seat aircraft which taught thousands of pilots the basics of flight and introduced them to aerial acrobatics.

This prop is a favorite choice of propeller collectors or aviation enthusiasts who just want this symbol of aviation in their house. We make them in various lengths.


The first time we decorated a wooden prop with brass sheet.

It’s the first propeller we made with brass sheathing. The request came from a customer, who required an accurate copy of the original propeller. So we welcomed a new member – sheet-metal specialist from the Czech Republic – to the Historic Propellers Team.

The result was beautiful. We all were so impressed, that we decided to offer the sheathing for all types of props in our offer, which originally used to be protected this way. Later, we developed a better technique, which now allows us to manufacture an airworthy prop with the brass tips (sheathing).

Below you can view a couple of photos from the shaping of the brass sheet, riveting and soldering.

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