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Our References

We work in the aviation since 2012. My shoulder associates are experienced in the field of aerospace engineering in Vyskov, thanks to them we are able to realize most of your inquiries. You can look at selected references below.

Construction of historic aircraft (continues)

More information on page Aeroplanes.


Exhibition of our wooden propellers in AERO EXPO Slovakia 2016.

Imperial Festival '16

Exhibition of our historic propellers and structural parts for vintage aeroplanes in Mojmirovce chateau.

Warner Bros. Studios

Production of propellers for Fokker E.III for a movie (due to declaration of confidentiality I can not disclose the name of the movie).
Contact person: Mr. Dickon Mitchell, Sloane Square Films LTD

Thiepval Aviation Museum

Production of a propeller for Charles Nungesser's airplane (major French flying ace, editor's note) for Aviation museum Thiepval, France. The propeller was made according to our own research and calculations.
Contact person: Guillaume Didier, The Thiepval Memorial

Norfolk Aviation Museum

Ash propeller for an original Sopwith Camel in The Aviation museum Norfolk, Great Britain.
Contact person: Mr. James Paradine

Aerosim Prague

Exhibition of your propellers, particularly Chauviere De.H.1, Rotol Supermarine Spitfire and VDM Messerschmitt Bf-109.

Inna s.r.o.

Production of propellers and tail surfaces of Sopwith Camel based on our own research and drawings. On display in the company's reception in Prague.

Endy Furing & Co. Ltd., NYC

Production of propellers for company Endy Furing & Co. Ltd., New York City

Reconstruction of airman Vladimir Wildmann's grave in Vyskov (Czech Republic)

The grave has been repaired together with the Vyskov Museum Community and Town Vyskov to its original look from 1926, including aircraft propeller, which was our contribution to memoir of this brave Czechoslovak airman.

Propeller for a monument of the Rys brothers, Husinec (Czech Republic)

Production of a propeller for a monument to the famous Czechoslovak airmen Rys brothers, to Husinec in South Bohemia.

With a willingness I will send you a photographic documentation for any branch of our work, which interests you.

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