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This page is devoted to my hobby – homebuilt two-seat parasol from 1929.

Since I was a very young glider pilot, I have always admired those white-haired chaps who fly the beautiful airplanes. But I didn’t want to wait till I get old. I wanted to learn how to build such an aircraft with my own hands. I’ve always had great people around!

Feel free to take a look at the photos and if you are wondering about your own homebuild, I am open to any advices or suggestions, as far as I can help.

In the magazine Flying Revue I commented my homebuild this way:

The main reason why I decided to build Pietenpol was, like at most builders, the desire to fulfill my dream. And thanks to propeller production and friends from the aviation industry I was able to succeed even at my age. I like art, handwork, projects where details play an important role. Projects that require talent, diligence and time. I like the pioneer and golden era of aviation and the beautiful aviation design of that time, for me in many cases the design gems.

Pietenpol comes from 1929, it’s quite simple for the first time build, and so it became a clear choice for me. And what to say about the actual project? Looking back, I must say that this hobby is definitely not for everyone, it requires a lot of patience, perseverance, skill, money obviously, it is a relatively long and demanding project if you work on it in your own. But it is amazing how many crafts the builder can learn, how many other experts and interesting people he will meet, and also gain a huge overview. But it is not possible to build without the support of friends and family.

You always need to have a team around you that you can rely on. Or at least it’s much more fun then.

My Pietenpol has a welded fuselage structure, wooden wings and powered by a four-cylinder Suzuki 1.3 85hp with a reduction drive, made by Jakub Koutníček from Vyškov. It’s not quite typical engine for this aircraft, but I’m happy with the choice. We don’t have Ford A in Europe. And of course a wooden propeller of my own production swings on the engine!

The first engine test

Great success and even better sound of in-line 4-cylinder with 85 horsepower!


My Pietenpol was moved with the whole propeller company to Slovakia. In my free time, which was very limited, I assembled the wings with fuselage, rigged all the wires and then testing began on the airfield. The aircraft is now in airworthy condition and it’s a pleasure to fly.

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