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Historic Propellers

Manufacturer of wooden airplane propellers


We produce airplane propellers from the period of the first flight of Orvill Wright, through the era of the first aerial combat, till the golden age of aerial development in 1930s. All of our propellers are based on our own research and drawings.


  • Propellers for experimental and ultralight aircraft
  • Authentic replica propellers from WW1 airplanes
  • Propellers with brass sheathing/brass tips
  • Decorative propellers

Historic propellers

Do you also need a copy of Red Baron’s prop in your house?

Airworthy propellers

Wooden propellers for historic airplanes

We focus on authenticity.


We produce and sell exact reproductions of particular propellers from particular airpanes.

This is what distinguishes us from the rest.

They are hand-made by us, based on our own research and detailed drawings.

We like to manufacture custom props based on customer’s request. Our past work is located in various places around the globe. We will be happy to show you our references, feedback and photos from our customers. We always appreciate if you get back to us with your impressions after receiving our prop.

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