Axial propeller – Fokker DR.I/D.VII

It’s a copy of the famous wooden propeller for Fokker’s fighter airplanes.
Richthofen, Voss, and other ace pilots were supplied by these precision-made propellers.

Authentic material: walnut, white ash, elm, maple
Length: 250cm / 98inch (262cm, 280cm)
Original manufacturer: AXIAL Berlin, Germany, 1916-1918
Our production: Since 2014, measurements taken from the original prop

Famous two-colored laminated propeller from Fokker DR.I and D.VII


During World War I, Axial supplied propellers to most fighter aircraft factories, such as the Fokker, Albatros, Roland and Pfalz. A mixture of various types of timber was used for their production, most often a combination of walnut and ash. Over time, other species, such as elm and maple, were added.

Since this type was manufactured for different types of power units, we also offer two basic types:

Fokker DR.I (Oberursel U.II 110hp)

The length in full scale is 262cm.

Fokker D.VIIf (BMW IIIa 200hp)

The length in full scale is 280cm. The blade tips are a little bit wider from the front view.

..and their scaled reproductions.


Total made in our shop:

280cm (Fokk.D.VII BMW)

250cm (Fok.DR.I)


Airworthy (various sizes)

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