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Sopwith F1 Camel

Wooden two-blade Propeller, Royal Aircraft Co., Great Britain, 1917

Reproduction of the aircraft propeller for display. Contact me for airworthy propeller here.

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Type: -
Diameter: -
Surface treatment: 0 USD
Metal hub: 0 USD
Blade sheathing: 0 USD * <200cm only painted sheathing
Final Sum: 0 USD


Sopwith 250cm mahogany, varnish, brass sheathing Sopwith 250cm mahogany, varnish, brass sheathing Sopwith 250cm mahogany + varnish
Sopwith 250cm mahogany + varnish Sopwith 250cm beech/oak and Sopwith 174cm beech before surface treatment Sopwith 250cm beech/sweltered beech + varnish Sopwith 250cm beech + mahogany stain + patina + fabric sheathing + simple hub Sopwith 250cm beech + mahogany stain + patina + fabric sheathing Sopwith 250cm ash / elm with light brown stain Sopwith 250cm ash/dark ash + varnish Sopwith 250cm Ash stained to mahogany + patina, fabric sheathing Sopwith 250cm ash/american walnut + varnish Sopwith 174cm beech + brown stain + varnish + simple hub Sopwith 125cm ash/mahogany + varnish + simple hub



About the Sopwith propeller

Wooden propeller, 250 cm long, was made mainly of mahogany wood by various English manufacturers during the years 1917 to 1918. It was powered by 9-cylinder rotary engine Clerget 9B with 130hp. The machine, which it powered, was one of the most famous British fighter aircraft of the First World War - Sopwith F.1 Camel.

Propeller blade is circa 21 cm wide, thickness of the center of the propeller is around 16 cm, if the material is observed, ie, mahogany, or a combination of ash / walnut. If it is made of beech wood, which is stained with mahogany, the thickness is circa 10cm. On request, we can also observe the thickness with beech wood.

Tips of the blades can be covered with fabric, which served as protection against damage to the leading edge. The sheathing is only painted with color on scaled down propellers. . Furthermore, a metal hub can be mounted on the propeller, which will allow you to easily mount the prop on the wall.

If you are interested in the propeller, contact us via the calculator or on the Contact page (About us => Contact).

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