Sopwith Camel – Wooden propeller

It’s a reproduction of the original Lang propeller manufactured in 1916 for 130hp Clerget 9B 9-cylinder radial rotary engine.

Authentic material: mahogany
Length: 250cm / 98inch
Original manufacturer: Lang propeller, Great Britain, 1916-1917
Our production: Since 2012, measurements taken from the original prop

Total made in our shop:





Authentic mahogany propeller and stained ash propeller

If you need the authentic Sopwith propeller, mahogany is the right choice of material. However, if the intention is to use the prop indoors and the cost of the mahogany prop is just over your budget, we have ash propellers. The ash timber or sometimes beech timber is much cheaper, as it doesn’t have to be imported from tropical countries, but it’s a local material. The prop may be sprayed with mahogany stain, varnished, and you can even choose a distressed variant with patina.

The photograph above shows what effect I am able to reach using the stain and patina.

Use the photos below as a reference. First row are mahogany props, the second are stained propellers.


Two-colored propeller and its variants

Every prop is glued from multiple layers because it adds strength to the blades. If I choose various types of timber, the right combination of the layers will result in the two-colored effect. This technique was widely used mainly by German and Austrian propeller manufacturers, however, I have seen an old photo of Sopwith Pup with this propeller as well. Therefore I decided to offer this variant for all British and French propellers.

If you choose this option, I will usually grab two contrasting kinds of timber that I have in stock. If you have a special request, please note it down in your order.

Blade sheathing – originally used as a protection of the leading edges.

Based on old photos there were two types of sheathing.

Fabric sheathing

I use aircraft-grade linen fabric. The fabric is glued on the blade using a sticky varnish and painted with black acrylic color. The colored fabric is then varnished with the whole propeller. This process was common also 100 years ago, I only use modern materials, except for the fabric – it’s the authentic material.

Brass sheathing

It is quite rare to see this propeller with brass fittings. However, as you can see in the picture below, this type is no exception.
We are one of the few manufacturers of brass sheathing. We produce them on the basis of historical resources from a 0.6mm thick brass sheet.

You can read more about the sheathing HERE in the section “How to choose a wooden propeller”.

The Sopwith propeller made of custom materials:

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