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Fokker DR.I, D.VII

Wooden two-blade propeller, Axial Berlin, Germany, 1917-18

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Type: -
Diameter: -
Material: * <200cm only beech wood.
Surface treatment: 0 USD
Metal hub: 0 USD
Blade sheathing: 0 USD
Final Sum: 0 USD

Mickael Carlson's Fokker DR.I (Source:

German ace Otto von Fuchs showing his aircraft Fokker D.VII, Marville 1918. Source:

Available lengths: 150cm, 250cm (others on request)
Material: Ash/Walnut, Walnut, or stained beechwood

During the First World War, The Axial company from Berlin, among other things focused on the manufacture of wooden propellers for the latest Fokker aircraft, deployed on the western front. It is a progressive type of propeller, therefore even the company Albatros and other imperial manufacturers of airplanes equipped their aircraft with these propellers. Mostly these are seen in a combination of ash and walnut, but there are also purely in ash or walnut, or maroon.

Aircraft from Fokker's Company contributed significantly in aerial combat above all fronts. They were perfectly designed for a single purpose - to perform fast maneuvers to get behind the enemy and shoot him down. Unlike Allied opponents, his aircraft had solid iron structure of the fuselage, good wing profile which produced high lift, and a pair of synchronized Spandau machine guns. Mercedes engines gave them an advantage at high altitudes, where they didn't lose as much power power as the British and French machines. Fokker Dr.I is an icon of the Great Air War.

Our propellers

Fokker DR.I, dark/light ash, 250cm.

Fokker DR.I, ash, 250cm, duraluminum hub.

AXIAL 1:1 from beech wood, walnut stain and a metal hub.

Wooden propeller Axial from Ash and Walnut, A. Engels.

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