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Wooden two-blade propeller, Ebora Propeller Co., France, 1916

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Type: -
Diameter: -
Material: * Small propeller only beech or ash.
Surface treatment: 0 USD
Metal hub: 0 USD
Blade sheathing: 0 USD
Final Sum: 0 USD


French ace Georges Guynemer in front of his SPAD VII. Source:

Available lengths: 65cm, 180cm, 233cm (other on request)
Material: Mahogany, Walnut, or stained beech wood

Ebora Propeller was a British manufacturer of aircraft propellers, but is also supplied French machines, manufactured under license for RFC (Royal Flying Corps). Propeller was made of mahogany, rarely you can see walnut or ash propellers, in a length of 233 cm. One of the fighter aircraft, equipped with this propeller was SPAD VII, powered by in-line engine Hispano Suiza 160 hp.

The SPAD VII was an aircraft, which in 1916, when the first series showed up on the western front, until about mid-1917, with its performance and speed outperformed all of its opponents. The high speed gave it a considerable advantage during the aerial combat. Its famous pilots were the Frenchman Georges Guynemer, or Italian Francesco Baracca.

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Beech wood, mahogany stain + patina, length 233cm

Beech wood, dark walnut stain, length 233cm

1. Left photo: Beech wood, mahogany stain + patina, hub, length 180cm
2. Right photo: propeller on the right - beech, mahoany stain + patina, length 180cm

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