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Airco De Havilland D.H.1

Wooden two-blade propeller, The Integral Propeller Co.Ltd. (Chauviere), Great Britain, 1914

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Type: -
Diameter: -
Material: * Small propeller only beech or ash.
Surface treatment: 0 USD
Metal hub: 0 USD
Blade sheathing: 0 USD
Final Sum: 0 USD

De Havilland D.H.1 Source:

Available lengths:65cm, 200cm, 273cm (others on request)
Material: Ash, beech, mahogany.

This is the longest propeller in our offer. With its 273 cm it looks monumentally. This type of propeller (Hélice Integrale, Chauviere Propeller), is considered an icon of wooden propellers, its look became a symbol of the era of wooden propellers. It is a pusher propeller, i.e. was located behind the engine, which was rotary 7-cylinder Renault with 70 hp. It was made mainly from mahogany wood, or walnut.

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Beech, mahogany stain + patina, 273cm

Beech wood, mahogany stain, light patina, 273cm. It's a pusher propeller, so the hub is visible from this side.

1. Left photo: Propeller on the left, beech, mahogany stain + patina, length 200cm. On the right is Ebora SPAD 7.
2. Photo on the right: Beech, mahogany stain + patina, length 200cm. Exhibited for public in Prague at Aerosim.

If you are interested in the propeller, contact us via the calculator or on the Contact page (About us => Contact).

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