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Production of our wooden propeller

Let's take a look into the shop to get familiar with production of wooden propellers. We pride ourselves on the same manufacturing process like a hundred years ago when these propellers were mass-produced and supplied to the front. These propellers are manufactured according to the available documentation or our own calculations and research, it is always a reproduction of a specific type of a historic wooden propeller.

The construction

The propeller is glued of several layers. The layers may have different thicknesses and may be made of different types of wood. It depends on the propeller size and material availability. The glued material is carved down to the desired shape of the particular propeller.

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Kinds of wood

The common material is mainly beech, ash, european walnut and mahogany. When we follow the price, the most preferred material, and still applicable to the aircraft propeller, is the beech timber, which subsequently may be stained to all shades.


Beech Light wood, visible wood grain, low price
Ash The most widely used material for the propellers, two-tone wood (dark core), a distinctive grain
Walnut Dark wood with distinctive and irregular grain, beautiful and luxurious but expensive material
Mahogany   Reddish wood, the most expensive material

Surface finish

The surface is on principle finished with a card scraper , not abrasive material. Propellers are commonly varnished with a lacquer with UV protection. Beech propellers are usually stained, most commonly in mahogany or walnut.

On request, we apply patina on the surface. A finish that brings the propeller a hundred years back, visually. Patina may be applied simultaneously with the "air damage" to the leading edges.

IMG_0522 IMG_3253 IMG_0213

Along the perimeter of the propeller we in-script the serial and model data. This is usually the type of engine, airplane type, timing of synchronized machine gun, serial number, information about the manufacturer. I can in-script a dedication on the propeller, according to your wish.

IMG_0801 IMG_4460 IMG_0796

The hub

If the propeller shall have its exhibition space in the interior, you'll need to attach it properly. The hub is used for this purpose. It can be made in several variants, see the photos. All designs have one thing in common; that the two opposite screws passed through the propeller lead into two brass wall plugs. Everything is included with the hub. The hub, in addition to its practical use, adds the propeller another dimension and details.

Design options:

  • brass / steel bolts with washers
  • steel plate + screws with washers
  • dural hub + screws

IMG_3873 IMG_2425 sopwith_glossy_artictic_1800

And in the end we will pack up the propeller and ship or hand it to you.

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