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Gallery - Wooden propellers

..selection of our work

Ebora 233cm, 2x Aero propeller, S.E.5a 250cm, R.E.8 244cm Caproni Ca.3 265cm (Stefanik), Fokker DR.I 250cm, Chauviere D.H.1 273cm, Curtiss Jenny 250cm Aero Expo Slovakia Imperial festival Mojmírovce Sopwith 250cm, Ebora 233cm, Sopwith 175cm 2x Curtiss Jenny 250cm, AVIA BH-33 200cm s mosazným kováním Various propellers 3x Fokker Eindecker 250cm Workshop Sopwith 250cm, 173cm, 125cm Aero EXPO 2016 Sweet preparation for AeroExpo Ebora 233cm Sopwith 250cm Eclair 244cm Thiepval Museum
Thiepval Museum Chauviere 200cm, Ebora 200cm Sopwith 250cm, patina Sopwith 125cm, 2x Sopwith 250cm 3x Sopwith 125cm Chauviere 200cm in Prague Sopwith 175cm Ebora 233cm Fokker D.VII 250cm, Ebora 180cm, Curtiss Jenny 250cm Fokker propeller Our propeller in Vyskov Chauviere 273cm and Sopwith 250cm AERO BH-33 130cm AXIAL inscriptions Ebora propeller dedication AXIAL Propeller laminations Sopwith inscriptions laminations laminations Sopwith 125cm Ebora and Chauviere 200cm fabric covering Simple metal hub varnishing Patina on fabric sheathing visual lightbox fullby v6.1

Selection of our reproductions from the offer


S.E.5a 250cm S.E.5a 250cm

Chauviere - Airco D.H.1

Chauviere 273cm De.H.1 Chauviere 273cm Airco De.H.1

Sopwith Camel

Sopwith mahogany 250cm Sopwith 250cm beech wood Sopwith 250cm Sopwith 250cm Sopwith 250cm Sopwith 250cm

Paragon - Curtiss JN4 Jenny

Curtiss Jenny 250cm with brass sheathing Curtiss Jenny 250cm Curtiss Jenny 250cm Curtiss Jenny 250cm Hélice Eclair 244cm Nieuport 17 Curtiss Jenny 200cm

Ebora Propeller - SPAD 7

Ebora 233cm SPAD 7 Ebora 233cm SPAD 7


AVIA BH-33 200cm AVIA BH-33 276cm (original) AVIA BH-33 200cm AVIA BH-33 130cm

AXIAL Fokker DR.I, Grémont Caproni Ca.33

AXIAL Fokker DR.I Grémont 278cm Caproni Ca.33 visual lightbox fullby v6.1

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