Clerget 9B

Hand crafted rotary radial engine from the pioneer era of aviation.

This is our work of art, presenting from today’s point of view a very interesting engine from 1916  – a rotary radial nine-cylinder with two valves. The pilot could smoothly control the power. It is an aircraft engine that had a very favorable power/weight ratio for that time, so it was installed in famous fighter planes – for example Sopwith Camel, Sopwith Triplane, Nieuports from RFC.

It was significantly ahead of the development of in-line engines, although as you may know, a few years later rotary engines proved to be a dead end. The engine was rigidly connected to the propeller and rotated entirely around its axis. As the power increased, so did the gyroscopic moment, meaning that the pilot could turn the plane to one side much more easily than to the other. It had a higher frontal resistance, a “total loss” lubrication system – the oil was driven outwards by centrifugal force and caught by a metal cover on the front of the fuselage. The pilot did not have to monitor the operating temperature.

It was indeed a respectable technical feat that significantly affected the development of aviation between 1916 and 1918 and, of course, was inextricably linked to our propellers.

The first piece was made to order for a Czech customer by my colleague Radovan Látal, and I (Václav Stržínek) was pleased to provide him with a shiny Lang Propeller.

Manufacturing process


We decided to build this engine entirely out of sheet aluminum due to the shape of the engine housing. Each part is shaped by hand in our workshop, as you can see in the production documentation below. Ribbed cylinders are made on a lathe. Important details must not be missing – tie rods, rockers, valves, spark plugs, technical labels and light patina.

The degree of authenticity – the depth of detail, or whatever you want to call it, depends on the customer’s request.

I have to admit that standing in front of Radovan’s work, I was amazed at what a single skilled person can achieve. You will get your hands on the work of a person who loves handwork, precision, true artistic work, aviation, old warbirds, and who fulfills his job clearly beyond the scope of his duty. We will be happy to welcome you to our workshop so that you can view our products in your own.



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